At Home Hair care

T is growing old. And is a newbie about hair coloring. Here is her first attempt using  #MadisonReed #ModenaBrown to get rid of those annoying grays. More experiments to follow.

As you can see the hair looks fuller and shinier post coloring. Also all T did was blow-dry her hair and straighten it in both the pictures.


@madisonreed Product review : 5 stars

The hair looks amazing and feels so good to touch. And all this is for just 20 bucks. Very thoughtfully put together permanent coloring kit. For the first attempt, we chose an exact color match. Would definitely recommend it for others.

Below is the excerpt from her instagram post

Over the years I have consciously avoided makeup. Mainly because I am lazy like that. However the side benefit is that I don’t have to worry about ingredients in my cosmetics (more on it below), I get ready quickly ( Read #MomLife ) and most importantly when I do put on some makeup people notice ūüôā . That means most of the times people see me the way God made me, #WithoutArtifice . And to be honest no makeup means I may not look my best always. But hey I look my best under the circumstances.
I cannot emphasize clean healthy habits enough like eating healthy, keeping your skin moisturized and being positive as things to do enough to look your best.
And talking about my day to day life as a mom, no time and lots of grays in my hair are a fact of life. But no more . #ModenaBrown from #MadisonReed is an exact match for my hair color and I colored my hair at home #FirstTime#ColoringHairAtHome . Super natural ingredients. Highly recommend them. #SalonLikeHair#HairColorAtHome
#EverydayLook #Selfie #NoMakeup #MakeupIsOptional
#Selflove #BeingVijaya #FreshFaced #MyBeautyRoutine #NoFilter

Tip: Next time color roots first. Then the mid-length onwards.

Happiness is …

T has been doing a lot of self introspection and retrospection. As usual we have been the listening ears to her experiences. This came up after the recent post about ‚ÄúElephant in the room‚ÄĚ and she wanted to share here definitions of what happiness would look like. Here she goes

… ‚Äúpositivity‚ÄĚ – When you are able to see the good in every thing and person.

… ‚Äúoptimism‚ÄĚ – When you look to the future with the hope that all will be well.

… ‚Äúinspiration‚ÄĚ – Having the thought and working towards being better everyday

… ‚Äúgenerosity‚ÄĚ – To be happy and to share it with others is one of the most important human qualities in life

… ‚Äúlove‚ÄĚ – this needs no explanation. When you love and are loved it’s impossible to not be happy

Elephant in the room

T is visiting this blog after a long time and to talk about something which might have always been there but T never realized it nor talked about it. But here we are talking about the elephant in the room so to speak.

T confided in us that on more days than not she has terrible mood swings and bouts of depression. She thinks it is General Anxiety Disorder . For now she is not convinced enough to go to a doctor for treatment. But if it does get serious, she will make the appointment.

Why would a 31 something software engineer and a new mother have any kind of anxiety , you ask ? Precisely that. Life keeps moving at a pace which is unpredictable. The toll of day to day life where you battle your wits in a competitive tech industry to keep up and possibly stay 2 steps ahead whilst precariously balancing your demeanor to be the best caregiver for a energetic 2 year old post work, are reasons enough. To add to that, as an individual T is blessed with extra hyper thought process where everything happening must be pondered upon multiple times.

Everyone seems to be coping with this state of mind differently. Letting go of things (temporarily or permanently) that bother you is something common to everyone’s coping strategy. Things holding T¬†together during this time is seeking out company of others, persevering at work and of course loving a little more during the times she wants to give away her first born.

Depression is a real thing. Please do yourself and those who love you a favor by seeking help for it.

The journey so far

You know you have come a long way in relationships when you look back and think how each of you has shaped it into what it is currently. From you & me it has become us. It will be 5 years since T & B were married ( See their wedding invitation here ). And more than 12 years since they first met each other.

The journey of togetherness in their words is …

The ‘LOVE‘ Story

Jab WE Met………

Seven and a half years ago, on a rainy evening, B and T met for an event  in their college cafeteria through a college senior. Little did he know, little did she know, the extraordinary results hosting a event together would have.

Love at first sight ? Er…well it was definitely ‘crush’ at first sight ! He was wondering if this pint sized chatterbox junior would ever let him speak. Whereas all the while she was fuming over this super arrogant senior who just smiled and said nothing to answer her queries. A couple of arguments and loads of talks later they both realized that they both were talking about the same thing in their respective unique style…One conversation led to another and before they realized they had become friends!

The ‘PROPOSAL‘¬† !

With his interest piqued by the chatty girl he made friends with, he began to look forward to occasions to talk to her ( And he got her number from one of the friendly seniors ūüėČ ). He¬†started calling her¬†to just¬†ask “What are you upto?” (¬†and to this day he still asks the same question everyday! ) Although suspicious at first (well when a no nonsense guy¬† calls to ask “Whats up?”, who won’t be ūüėČ ), she loved talking to him and for him to hear her ramblings !

Though neither would ever admit but the friendship gradually blossomed into mutual respect , admiration and surprisingly an easy understanding for the other ! It took them quite sometime to realize what was obviously evident right from the start , that there was a CONNECTION ! They both knew they had never felt this way about anyone else and that there would be noone else ever. Even with this knowledge , neither had the courage to admit to the other that they had become a special part of each other’s lives. He kept asking her if she had something ‘nice and sweet’ to tell him…and she kept telling him the ‘interesting’ things happening in her life ūüėČ !

This game of ‘You Say’ went on for about a year and a half…. and soon it was time for B to leave college and step into the world of corporate, ambitions and dreams … and he realised he did not want to leave behind her nonsensical ramblings. Instead he chose to leave his heart behind and ¬†he asked her to be with him for the rest of his life! She could have said ‘NO’ or made him wait… but then she was so madly in love with him, all she could say was “YES !!”. and yes there was music in the background too ;).

With the faith and zeal of all those in love … B & T made the promise of love for a lifetime … and LOVE touched their lives to make it more beautiful and blessed … forever ūüôā

Writing in progress …


Love is …

St. Valentine’s Day celebrations prompted us to ask T to define what she thinks of the concept as we know that she never really believed in celebrating Valentine’s Day. She likes the gifts and chocolates and the general merry atmosphere on any day- make no mistake about that. It’s just that her idea of love isn’t in sync with the commercialized concept that we see. Without further ado, let’s hear what she has to say ūüôā

… “acceptance” – that feeling when your loved one is your unconditional strength and weakness all at once

… “security” – that feeling of being safe in your loved one’s embrace

… “faith” – knowing that God is keeping a watch over you to keep you safe and happy

… “perseverance” – that feeling when times are tough, you tenaciously hold on to positivity, pick the pieces up, do the right thing and ¬†look to the future

… “kindness” –¬†the actions which touch your heart even without words

… “selflessness” – when¬†you are willing to walk to hell and back just to see them smile

One day at a time

Have you sometimes wondered if life comes a full circle ? ¬†Do our thoughts always make sense ? May be .. may be not. For instance T was looking at one of her earlier posts¬†here¬†and she thought “Wow! This is exactly what I needed someone to tell me and am glad it’s coming from me.”

For anyone reading this post if you are having hard times take deep breath, do your best, be grateful for the grace God has shown you and take it¬†one day¬†at a time and my friend this too shall pass ūüôā !

Welcome Baby VPP :)

We can safely conclude T is not a regular blogger. The last post she wrote was on March 7, 2015 !!!! To be fair she did have a lot going on. Before we go on any further the big news folks. Please join us in welcoming Baby VPP who debuted on the world stage on May 1, 2016.


As we write this post Baby VPP is 8 months old, has joined daycare and is budding into an adventurous personality.

There is a lot more to catch up on with T but that can wait. In¬†this post¬†we will just meet and welcome¬†Baby VPP on to this blog ( henceforth referred as “lil B” or “b” and this world ūüôā

“India’s Daughter” in the eyes of another daughter of India

It has been quite long since¬†anything has been posted here. A lot has happened since then in the lives of T & B. But today’s post is not about them. Yesterday BBC released a documentary named “India’s daughter” worldwide.This documentary film “India’s Daughter” based on the 16 December gang-rape¬†of a medical student Jyoti Singh. It is in the news for a lot of reasons – outrage, offense, gut wrenching pain and last but not the least the TRUTH. ¬†There was a lot of reaction to it in the social media. Here is our take on the reactions we saw –

* ‘Most‘ Indians are feeling ashamed¬†&¬†overwhelmed – They should! Disrespect towards women is at it’s worst in India. It is not only in actions but in the mindset of people. A female cannot go anywhere at any time of the day without someone leering at them¬†or thinking something offensive or in a sexual context about her. It’s the truth ! What is even more surprising is that the male Indians find it acceptable behavior and the female Indians¬†are used to it. Treating another person as a human being is extending¬†the other a simple courtesy of human dignity. We owe it to every human. But all this should not stop with the outrage and demonstrations stoked by this crime and the documentary. Indians must come together and stand against such inhuman crimes against females. We should ‘educate‘ ourselves that it is not right to do gender discrimination (Please note that being educated is very different from being literate ). It should be mandatory¬†in every home to give respect to others in the family and outside it, whether we know them¬†or not. There is no excuse¬†–¬†be it poverty, illiteracy, prosperity etc that can justify behaving in an offensive manner towards other humans. It¬†is no more optional !

* ‘Some’ Indians feel offended at BBC publicizing this documentary – There¬†is no reason to feel affronted at that. Had it been untruths and fake facts presented just for the sake of publicity, taking offense makes sense. However all the documentary is showing is the perspective of everybody involved in that case. The plain truth.¬†It is the Indians worldwide who are watching it, expressing concerns or outrage which is resulting in the huge publicity. To quote Bollywood actor ¬†Boman Irani¬†– “Documentaries are stories of truth! We should be embarrassed of the truth rather than the fact that the documentary got made#IndiasDaughter”. ¬†Had an Indian news channel done the same documentary, we would be focusing on the issue. Talking about BBC would let any BBC agenda, hidden or otherwise, succeed. Voyeuristic this documentary might be but this needed to be said, and someone said it !

* ‘Some’ Indians are hopeful and determined to bring a change – We agree that ‘women‘ have come a long way ¬†in India – they are able to get education, get jobs, earn money etc. What¬†they have not been able to do is to make themselves appear ‘human‘ in the eyes of the males. The mindset of the society reflects that ‘females‘ are treated as property of the ‘males‘ in the family. We need to bring in that change by educating ourselves to be¬†human. To stop getting used to crimes like this. To protest and persist until we change this.

* ‘Some’ Indians think it is more of the¬†femalesfault – This is absolutely depressing to know that some people think that it is the females who are the culprit.They think that such behavior is acceptable. That when such heinous crimes are being committed the females should let them happen, suffer and keep it to themselves in order to be spared alive. How can any human think like that ?¬†These are the people who need to be educated and convinced that ‘inhuman’ behavior towards anyone is not acceptable and cannot be justified by any reasoning.¬†One crime cannot justify another crime. That’s the point. If such crimes are happening in other countries they should be ashamed and try to fix it.¬†As an Indian that India needs to fix the mentality and the root of this issue.

* ‘Some’ Indians are being cynical about whether India can¬†fix it – It is no more optional whether to fix it or not. We have to and every Indian¬†will have to pitch in. It is human nature to move on. But this time we have to keep reminding ourselves to not give up until we achieve our goal of making India safe for all. Expressing oneself on an issue like this, it’s for spreading awareness and to contribute however little individually towards the massive effort we would need on all Indians’ part to fix even a small part of this.

India is a beautiful country with an even more awesome culture. It deserves to be the safe haven for all it’s people and it is our duty as Indians to make sure India becomes the place of our dreams.

P.S. : Here are the links to some very thought provoking views that I came across :

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A movie experience

Given that this is the last week of 2014. B & T were busy shopping, partying and sneaking in fun in between. They happened to stumble upon Cinebarre cinemas whose motto is “Eat.Drink.Watch movies” last week. T has recently discovered she likes Mojitos¬†, Diaquiris and a very comfortable movie experience. Well this was that and more. Notice the chicken nuggets ūüėČ . Cheers to this experience and many more fun ones to come !


The Curious Cat

We¬†hope you folks missed the updates from this niche of the blogging world. It so happens that there’s not much to write everyday. However B suggested that since she loves to click snaps and has an awesome camera phone. Nokia Lumia 920. Nobody laughs ūüėČ ! In truth Nokia Lumia takes amazing pictures. That said we have decide to bring you the most interesting picture from T in the past week. That ways we get to post atleast once a week and be in touch with you guys and our beloved couple as well. A win-win you see. Also we would link the picture to its instagram post as well.

So here goes the first picture – The curious cat.

…………………………………. 10832146_858353690863609_458189548_n ………………………………….